The Kids Martial Arts program at Drive is designed to provide kids of all ages with the basic fundamentals and skill sets of all the martial arts that are being used in what is known today as "MMA".  They will learn basic punching, kicking, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling techniques in a structured environment that will allow them to not only learn the perspective martial arts, but also to have some serious fun!  The techniques are also combined with physical fitness activities such as callisthenics and martial arts drills to improve your child's strength, conditioning, and overall well being.  At Drive we preach values such as discipline, respect, and honor; not fighting.  You can expect your child to gain self confidence as well as improved grades in the classroom!
Martial arts have fascinated the public since the 1960s. With the popularity of martial arts action film star Bruce Lee, millions of Americans were exposed to the beauty and grace of martial arts on the silver screen. An explosion of martial arts erupted as many people started to see the benefits of martial arts not only for self-defense but also fitness. The majority of martial arts schools are packed with kids. With the extreme popularity of the UFC, many children are getting involved in kids kickboxing programs.

The sport of kickboxing takes place in a ring where fighters use a variety of striking techniques to defeat their opponent. The origins of kickboxing go back to Thailand during the Sukothai era from 1238-1377. Since then the art has evolved into a form of fitness and self defense as well as a professional sport. Kickboxing is a great recreation activity for kids.

Kids kickboxing offers many benefits:

Reduce stress
Boost confidence levels
Burn calories
Learn effective self-defense
Better posture

Most people don’t understand the difference between most martial arts. Karate has been one of the most popular martial arts practiced amongst children. You can find a Tae Kwon Do or Karate school on just about every street corner these days. The problem with these schools is that most of them are in it to take your money. If you take the time to sit and watch one of these classes, it doesn’t even look like the kids are doing martial arts. The majority of the class time is spent playing games or doing other useless exercises to soak up time. Most of these schools promise self-defense and martial arts training but in reality they are just giving your child a watered down version of martial arts mixed with some exercises. A quality kids kickboxing program will teach you kids effective self-defense as well as other basic athletic skills that can transfer over to other sports and activities. In kickboxing kids will learn how to punch, kick, knee, elbow, and throw. While some parents could find this alarming, it is absolutely necessary for children to learn these fighting techniques not only for personal protection, but also for the integrity of the martial art.

When joining a kids kickboxing program you should look for a few things. First make sure that the instructor has legitimate credentials. Many martial arts instructors are in it for the money. They are not real martial artists. Second make sure that the school is clean. The training room and equipment should always be clean. Third make sure that when the kids are training that they have all of the recommended training gear to ensure that they are not injured during practice. Kids kickboxing is an awesome activity for children of all ages and not only does it teach self-defense and fitness, it also teaches kids respect and self-discipline.


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